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Most of this material was originally released in to author and historian Gerald Nicosia, after seeking their release under the Freedom of Information Act in This set released in June , contains pages of documents not released to Nicosia in The documents date from to They are composed of memos, reports, investigation summaries, confidential informant accounts, newspaper and wire service articles, and Vietnam Veterans Against the War bulletins and flyers. In the group had members. By the it had 6, members. The bulk of the monitoring of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War took place between and Although there were many anti-war groups at the time, The Vietnam Veterans Against the War seems to have gathered more attention from the FBI than most others.

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Eleven families are suing the state for negligence. It was his job in the Army to collect their dog tags and personal belongings and ship them back home to their families in the United States. It was grim work — in later years, he shied away from talking about it to his children — but he was proud of his military service. And so when the time came, he looked forward to moving to the Illinois Veterans Home, a state-run facility near the Mississippi River, about five hours southwest of Chicago.

Home / Featured Content / What I’ve Learned From Dating a Veteran. I’ve learned that we are so quick to say we care about our military members and military veterans, but that’s a heavy.

Please check your entries and try again. They helped me get the help I needed for so long. Beside helping me get counseling, I changed my whole out look on life. I began loving myself again and became the strong person I use to be. Being homeless has never been so beautiful and empowering. Being here gave me a home, a place to heal and restore my hope. It gave me a chance to take a personal inventory and discover my purpose and destiny.

And now I am moving on to higher ground! But I could not have done it without the “Sheppards Hands”. I am so very proud of you and I tell you God planned for us to meet at the V-Wise Chicago conference no doubt! I follow you everyday and love what you say and have incorporated it into my life! I embrace your vision and passion for your dream!! I love you my friend, I love you!!!

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Freedom, as they say, is never free. To all the veterans, we thank you. He served in WWII in the South Pacific and endured unspeakable horrors, including, months of near hand to hand combat and a life and death battle with malaria. Few of us can comprehend the pain combat soldiers like Al have borne. We may not know; but we can express our gratitude. The cost is not so distant as WWII. Every day vets of more immediate wars in the Middle East are returning to attempt to embrace a new destiny after their military service.

To them and their families we also express our gratitude. The horrible events at Fr. Hood this week reminds us just how dangerous their lives are, and how fragile our peace remains. No holiday in their honor can make up for the hours lost, the innocence lost, the loves, limbs and lives lost.

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A Photo Gallery dedicated to our troops that served.. When the photo album loads, click on the “Public Uploader” on the upper left hand side of the album and follow the instructions. A Photo Gallery dedicated to the reunions of our troops..

But for many veterans, transitioning back to civilian life is a struggle. According to the VA, more than half of all post-9/11 veterans will face a period of unemployment — even as the national.

Who’s to blame for VA scandal? VA Secretary Eric Shinseki resigns Scandal, controversy and veterans care in the United States have gone hand-in-hand for virtually as long as there’s been a republic. After the Revolutionary War, for instance, payments promised by Congress to disabled veterans were left up to the states, and only a few thousand of those who served ever received anything, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Here’s a time line of the many scandals the department and its predecessors have faced: It quickly devolves into corruption, and is abolished nine years later under a cloud of scandal. In an embarrassing spectacle, federal troops forcibly remove veterans who refuse to end their protest. In , 10, WWI veterans, many unemployed, protest over pay.

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View Comments Do you get excited when when you open your mailbox and find an expected letter from a friend or family member, or when you get a random text message from an old friend? Now, take that feeling and amplify it tenfold. Writing letters is a great tradition and becoming a pen pal to an American troop overseas is one of the many ways you can support our men and women in uniform.

Why Write Writing letters to deployed troops is a great way to support them in their mission. Being deployed is tough. You leave your loved ones behind and are shipped to a faraway, unfamiliar location.

Veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder face additional challenges in relationships. If the couple is well-suited to each other, understanding and communication can overcome most of the possible difficulty of dating a veteran.

Veteran Services Serving veterans and their families. Veterans and their families are a valued and vital component of our campus community. We are constantly looking for ways to ease their transition to college and to provide a full range of services to help them adapt and succeed in their academic pursuits. It is designed to motivate and assist veterans in developing skills necessary for acceptance to and success in a program of postsecondary education.

This is an opportunity for veterans to leverage their invaluable experience, pursue a commission and return to service as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army Reserves, Army National Guard or Active Component. In appreciation for your service, veterans are not charged an orientation fee.

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Teaching Where He Once Fought Three years ago, Ray Wilkinson, 70 years old and looking to cap an adventurous life by doing volunteer work overseas, asked the Global Community Service Foundation if it had a spot where he could be useful. That was the village where he had landed as a U. Marine Corps combat correspondent half a century earlier. For Wilkinson, the return was more an act of affection for the country than to work out any lingering guilt or trauma left by the war.

And as veterans of the last 13 years move back home and re-integrate with the civilian world, we need an honest dialogue, we need dates, we need mutual respect. Not silly warnings about us.

Print Veterans have been writing in about how to get free stuff from VA. The key to free stuff is to plan ahead while not pigging out on the benefits. Plan for free stuff. In about two weeks, the next term schedules will come out, and student veterans need to be ready. You need to be ready to pounce on your favorite class before some zit-faced year-old beats you to the punch. But there is more to this than zitty punks taking up all the good classes.

One thing most traditional students do not have to deal with is raising a family while in college. Another thing could be disabilities and emotional wounds from battle. For many student veterans, we get to deal with all of those things plus school schedules, zitty punks, and tough professors who sometimes do not get it. For that reason, it is vital that veterans plan out their semesters well in advance. One factor student veterans tend to forget is figuring out how their school schedule could be impacted by their disabilities well in advance of class sign up.

If the class might impact your disability, or a computer program or tool would help you succeed, it is imperative to get the paperwork filed well in advance for the free tools through VA. This is where VA Voc Rehab comes into play.

Profile of U.S. veterans shifts as their ranks decline

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Why Women Like War Heroes More than Any Other Kind of Guy Getty Images By Belinda Luscombe March 12, In a study that could explain so much about the Brian Williams thing, it has been found that women are more sexually attracted to men who have been deemed heroic during conflict than men who have merely served in the armed forces. Meanwhile, women who were considered heroic for any reason were found to be less attractive to men than regular women.

You read that right. The findings are the result of three studies done by researchers in England and the Netherlands. First, the researchers established from archives that World War II veterans who were Medal of Honor winners had more kids on average 3. The number of offspring is not completely correlated with the frequency of springing into bed, however. So the researchers asked 92 female British students to rate how attracted they were to various profiles and the war hero came out as the No.

Military service was attractive to women generally, but interestingly, if the guy had no war honors, whether he had served overseas or never left home base made no difference to his magnetism. In the third study, women and men studying in Holland were given various profiles to rate and again the decorated war veteran was the female favorite.

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