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Metallofoon met 8 kleurgecodeerde staven Materiaal: Intussen zijn twee nieuwe bedrijfjes opgestart die opnieuw fantastische windorgeltjes produceren: After more than 20 years, Shanti stopped its production in Two new companies were founded to produce similar chimes: De Zaphir windgong is een echt muziekinstrument. Acht staafjes zijn met zilver aan een metalen plaat gelast aan de onderkant van de resonantie buis. Nauwkeurig afgestemd ontstaat een spel van heldere, boventoonrijke tonen. De boventonen van de kortere staafjes gaan geleidelijk aan overheersen en worden zo de grondtoon.

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Introduction written by tree master Turner. Give or take a week or two, it’s almost exactly a decade since John Doran and I sat down in his kitchen to plot what would eventually become The Quietus. What underground there was struggled to get heard in a media climate still dominated by the thinking that former NME editor Conor McNicholas went full Accidental Partridge in describing on Noisey recently: Putting that filter in place suddenly got bands like Kasabian rocking up.

I suspect that like most people who read the site you appreciate a balanced diet.

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You can get sidetracked and swallowed up, which is why the third verse is the way it is. But if you can overcome the trappings, you can be successful. Hit records resonate with the broadcast audience. The inspiration in that record connected—all over the world. Why did Hov choose Alicia Keys to appear on the track with him?

He has also said that his friend Mary J. He decided that using Blige on the song would have been a safe move, but that the combination of Keys’ sound and piano talent had struck a chord with him. What has Alicia Keys said about the song? I always figured that we would do some type of collaboration, and finally, it came together with this. So we went to the studio … I fell in love from the jump.

Keys also explained how she wanted to make sure she got the anthemic hook right:

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Here’s a short answer: It’s a Jamaican music that is largely unknown outside of that is the grandpappy of reggae. For a ska or reggae fan, mento sounds familiar and exotic and unfamiliar. Mento recordings are difficult to come by, but worth seeking out. It’s music that lifts my spirits and relaxes my mind whenever I hear it.

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Heavier than the original single B sides they combine to make up an awesome dub album. The bonus tracks all maintain the Dennis Brown link, three of them being B side dubs of Dennis Brown songs, the fourth is an exclusive, taken from dubplate. How did this gruff, ghetto-fabulous producer aquire such an excellent nick-name?

He lost a thumb in a workplace accident as a young man, leaving him with just nine fingers. As for “The Observer”? But back to the record. The initial pressing run was tiny, somewhere around records, so all praises due to Motion for making it more widely available. In the rush to deify his contemporaries such as King Tubby, Lee Perry and Joe Gibbs, the mighty Niney has often been overlooked, yet time has treated his distinctively hard-edged productions very well.

Holness recorded it in after freelancing for most Jamaican studios of note, and it became a huge hit.

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Gaza the girl dem say innuh don So weh mi fi do? Supm fi di gal dem From yuh body doh condemn Wine and touch your waist my lady Show dem yuh cute face my baby Bruk out mi gaza gal demmm [Chorus: You mi waan fi my wife You mi love fi the rest of my life mhmm Baby you body alright Wine up your waist up inna di video light You mi waan fi my wife You mi love for the rest of my life mhmm You ah di star di sunlight You ah everyting inna my life Wine fi mi nuh!

Switching approach,"So Many Girls” rumbles in to nice it up in a different fashion."Wine (Wine Wine)” is likewise focused on movement, specifically feet and hips. Both tracks showcase the glossier side of the dance, although the latter’s riddim is more intriguing via its subtle additions to the leading rhythm section.

I may well have. How about the best reggae band in all of California? In all the USA? Okay, there’s no denying I overstepped with that last one, but make no mistake- these guys are bloody damn good. They play like peak-era Roots Radics or Soul Syndicate and sing like an Americanized version of the sweetest Jamaican harmony group you’d care to name. Their two albums of original material, which should be on every respectable reggae lover’s shelf, are thought-provoking, hip-swaying stuff that never gets stale, and their now-twofold output of reggae and rocksteady cover versions shows just how well they’ve learned from, and yes, expanded upon, the sound of the masters that influenced them.

Even before I spun the disc I was impressed by how much the chosen tunes inspired by access to the unbelievably extensive record collection of L.

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Bit in the Guardian here;- https: You can pre-order the beast here: I got an email a couple of months back asking if I wanted to collaborate with a Korean singer songwriter, producing some kind of visual accompaniment to a piece of music commissioned by the Kangkangee Arts village on Yeongdo-gu island in Busan. The deal involved going to Busan for a couple of weeks.

The whole thing has gotten more complicated and more involved and a whole lot more fun since then. More when I have it.

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In Sizzla Kalonji was just 19 years old, a hungry young firebrand with a somewhat Buju Banton-influenced delivery though not nearly as gruff as that famous baritone and jaw-dropping lyricism. He had released a series of singles and quickly out came this album, the earliest widespread example of his talent. It would be two more years before he released another album and really kicked off his extremely prolific career, but so much of his artistic identity is present in nascent form on this debut.

Sizzla breaks into a more lilting melody, but this is still fundamentally a DJ performance rather than a singing one; I imagine the tune he would come up with, if presented with this riddim any time after about , would be very different from this one.

Jul 01,  · DJ Snake – Magenta Riddim (Moombahton RMX) (Mash-Up Hype) (Get Your Freak On X Missy Elliot) Bpm 3 Dj Snake X Missy Elliot – Magenta Riddim X Work It X Get Your Freak On (Moombah) (Mash-Up) Bpm 3.

Already have an account? Page history last edited by redman 5 years, 3 months ago Definition A Sound System is the equipment and associated personnel used to broadcast music within a specific location. Typically it would consist of a means of playing music record player or more recently CD players and laptops , amplifiers, speakers and Deejays mic men , operators equipment controllers , selectors selecting what music to play and so on.

History The 50’s to the 60’s Sound Systems began as a way of playing amplified music to outside gatherings in Jamaica. Initially this was just a small gramophone and speakers on a street corner or private land used to entertain friends or attract business to commercial establishments such as liquor stores 1. The UK Sound Systems tended to play exclusively inside, the lack of other suitable entertainment for West Indian emigrants encouraged the development of blues parties, where the UK Sound Systems flourished.

By the late 50’s Sound Systems were big business in Jamaica and sounds of varying sizes and popularity were to be found in every Jamaican parish, and the larger sounds, such as Coxsone Downbeat had two to three sets so they could play in several locations on the same night. The competition for audiences and to be seen as the best engendered a deep seated rivalry between systems. A situation reflected in the development of Soundclashes that has become an integral part of Sound System culture.

The 70’s and 80’s In the late 70’s Sound Systems played a pivotal roll in the rise of Dancehall. The emphasis on the deejay as a live performing artist and development of the dance as a central part of the way the music was understood and articulated itself were primary factors in this change. In the late 70’s the phenomenon of sound tapes saw its birth and by the early 80’s it had become a major factor for spreading sound systems name and fame.

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It became known as"underground” music, due to its circulation through informal networks and performances at unofficial venues. As Caribbean and African-American music gained momentum in Puerto Rico, reggae rap in Spanish marked the beginning of the Boricua underground and was a creative outlet for many young people. This created an inconspicuous-yet-prominent underground youth culture which sought to express itself.

As a youth culture existing on the fringes of society and the law, it has often been criticized. The Puerto Rican police launched a campaign against underground music by confiscating cassette tapes from music stores under penal obscenity codes, levying fines and demonizing rappers in the media. The genre’s popularity increased when it was discovered by international audiences during the early s. These themes, depicting the troubles of inner-city life, can still be found in reggaeton.

The marquesinas were crucial to the development of Puerto Rico’s underground scene because of the state’s"fear of losing the ability to manipulate ‘taste"”. The availability and quality of the cassettes led to reggaeton’s popularity, which crossed socioeconomic barriers in the Puerto Rican music scene. Gerardo Cruet who created the recordings spread the genre from the marginalized residential areas into other sectors of society, particularly private schools.

By the mid s,"underground” cassettes were being sold in music stores. The genre caught up to middle-class youth, and found its way into the media.

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Read More About Upsetta Records Upsetta Records was born out of a lifelong love for reggae and dancehall music and culture. Quickly realizing they shared a love for music, the two began their journey of collaborating on several projects and building up their skills on the turntables. Over the next 5 years Dubee would find himself solidified in the dancehall reggae movement having been taken under the wings of the Upsetta International Sound System family.

It’s a dance ting Blow Boys and girls come sit and ride on ‘dis ‘riddim Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Blow He was looking, said he Wanna hook up But she don’t wanna hook up.

The Sound Of Jamaica December 12, label: Buggering — Capleton This song was named on an Internet forum discussion, when dancehall fans were enumerating their favorite ‘batty boy’ songs. Buggerism — Mega Banton It is possible that this song was recorded before , as a song named Sound Boy Killing featured on this CD is from Bumbo Red — Capleton

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Pantano The Dirtbombs Dangerous Magical Noise The Dirtbombs are all about the killer single—giant guitar riffs, energetic performances, impassioned vocals, and a thunderous double-drum approach on every song. This tune from their album Dangerous Magical Noise is no exception. Thunderous Burundi-like tom slamming delivers pure fun and excitement to this track.

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