You will soon be losing it in copious amounts. Use your birthday money on yourself, silly girl. Get educated about giving birth. The more you know, the more you will be empowered and the less scared you will be. Have some understanding about c-sections and recovery … just case. It really is reasonable and loving! In light of 19, be prepared to change your mind later if you need to. About labor and giving birth: If you want to speed up labor once your contractions have begun, use a breast pump.


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So are you still storing data on optical drives? Under optimal conditions in terms of temperature, humidity, and handling, Blu-ray discs can last over 50 years, an impressive number. The problem is, optical discs require an optical drive to be used and such a device will likely break long before 50 years are up.

Math Centers Free Sample Math centers are a great way for and graders to practice the addition, skip counting, and comparing numbers strategies they have learned, as well as refine their use of number .

Individual therapy typically involves learning to recognize and cope with stressors and drinking triggers so that you can avoid relapse in the long run. The therapist will address the underlying issues that drive your alcohol abuse and teach you to make healthier choices. Choosing between alcohol rehab centers can be difficult. It is important to find a clinic at which you feel comfortable. Many clinics offer specialized care for certain religions, ages, genders, orientation, or other groups.

Paying for treatment can seem overwhelming, but many insurance plans cover some of the cost of rehab. If insurance does not cover enough and you cannot afford the rest of the bill, many alcohol rehab centers offer financing options. Recovery Brands collected data in that asked people leaving an addiction rehabilitation facility what center attributes they saw as high priority things to examine when looking at treatment programs.

The top-rated priority was the program’s monetary policies, like financial support, payment options, and insurance accepted. They also placed a high importance on the program’s offerings facility housing, recreation, food quality, etc. Those considering treatment will want to examine a center’s financial policies as well as program offerings to inform their final facility choice. Read More I Want to Find an Executive or Luxury Rehab Center If workplace obligations and other professional concerns have stopped you, a family member, or a friend from getting assistance for a drug or alcohol issue, executive rehabilitation programs may be what’s needed.

Executive rehabs are designed to allow you to continue working while seeking recovery from an alcohol addiction.

Keen On Kindergarten: March Math Stations

Setting, character, and plot—easy peasy. There are tons of resources available, and the concepts are fairly concrete. But then you get to theme. How to teach something that is abstract, subjective, and requires that oh-so-tricky skill:

Hey there! I hope your school year is off to a great start! I’m writing to you to share activities that will help your students compare quantities and numbers. Keep reading for fun, hands-on activities as well as a free center activity.

Ideas for STEM Learning Centers in the Classroom Technology July 29, Including inspiring spaces for young children to play and learn in your classroom is a crucial part of any comprehensive preschool curriculum. Learning centers are a staple of the early childhood classroom and provide children with choices and opportunities to explore their many interests while playing.

Here are a few learning center ideas for integrating STEM concepts in your classroom. Art Center The art center provides young children a place to experiment with art materials; investigate ideas; and work with various tools, processes, and media. Creativity programs—Recording your ideas using apps such as Starry Night for art and Story Kit for literature Brainteaser programs—Developing your logical thinking and spatial perception by using apps such as OverColor, which challenges you to copy colorful patterns using geometric shapes Engineering: Constructing—Exploring how to construct a 3-D structure of a butterfly using recycled materials.

Designing and building—Figuring out how to make a boat out of water bottles.

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Activity Booklet Send home a booklet with several activities parents can do at home with their children. I also include a book list and website list. You can have kids cut out and glue these to die cut shapes, then send them in the Summer Packet.

(a FREE center for comparing numbers to 30) (a FREE center for comparing numbers to for the beginning of first grade (only covers Yup, this is going in math centers next week! Math Activities Preschool Math Math Worksheets Number Sense Kindergarten Kindergarten Math Centers Literacy Teaching Ideas Teaching Math Classroom Ideas.

Did you know that our brain is actually programmed to see in borders?! The amazing Debbie Diller talks about this, too. I created these word wall header cards for these sweet teachers to use in their rooms…just click on the pic to download some for your classroom , too! Research shows that the uniformity helps our kids to process and retain information and the solid background colors that serve as a base for your word walls cut out any additional visual distractions. I think minimal distractions are so important for our emergent readers!

Each one of my babies gets one at the beginning of the year and then they add to it as the year goes on.

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Homemade Rice Milk Dairy Alternative: Both sit on the counter and do nothing. Well neither of those can hold a candle to rice milk.

FREE Multiplication Centers to help your students memorize their multiplication facts and build fact fluency. A mix of printable games, logic puzzles, and hands on activities that are perfect for 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade math centers and stations!

Here are the steps one follows: One should note that the above values have been rounded off to three decimals. The results reported below for each player were ascertained without any rounding. For Derrick Rose in the calculation would be as follows: Although players are consistent, it is the case that we do see some interaction effects in the NBA as noted in The Wages of Wins and academic articles that were written well before The Wages of Wins appeared.

To ascertain these effects, the following model was estimated: For example, consider field goal attempts. And this is why players should not be given credit for taking shots see Player Efficiency Rating and NBA Efficiency for two metrics where such credit is given. The results also seem to depend upon the sample one considers and the specific independent variables one employs.

In other words, the results are not robust. The one exception is seen with respect to defensive rebounds. These results make sense when we consider how teams go for rebounds on each end of the court.

Comparing Numbers Worksheets

Using everyday activities and experimenting with real objects help children understand measurement concepts. The terms non-standard and standard are often used when describing prescribed learning outcomes for measurement. Measuring with non-standard units means measuring things with blocks, pencils, hands, feet, etc.

(a FREE center for comparing numbers to for the beginning of first grade (only covers Yup, this is going in math centers next week! Find this Pin and more on by Mrs. Thompson’s Treasures – Teaching Ideas + Resources.

It is a seemingly never-ending battle to help prevent consumers from being scammed by MLM schemes. Today we look to examine another one of them: I had a reader ask me about Youngevity the other day. I read your article on Lifevantage and was very impressed by the depth of your study. Just wanted to see if you have uncovered anything with Youngevity. However, having looked into other MLM scams, I know one of the first places to look at is the cost of the product. Because MLMs often require their distributors buy product to participate in the opportunity.

The artificially expensive product pays the company hefty margins, and distributors often pay the surcharge month after month as a fee for what they feel will make them money.

Tales from a Fourth Grade MathNut: Addition Strategies

Here you will find a wide range of free Kindergarten Math sheets which will help your child learn to compare numbers up to 6 and also sizes. The sheets involve comparing sizes and exploring the language of Most and Least. Kindergarten Math Learning At a Kindergarten age, children love to play and explore Math with fun Math activities and games.

Children will enjoy completing these Math games and worksheets whilst learning at the same time.

Free printable number wheel for number recognition, number matching games, subitising activities and games to learn number bonds to 10 or 20 Find this Pin and more on .

Creating the Block Center This post is part 2 of a series of posts about learning centers. This post will focus on the block center. I have repeated the general guidelines for setting up centers from the initial post. If you would like to read about creating an art center, then click here. Setting up Learning Centers Organizing, developing, and carrying out centers is an extremely complex task and one made of up many layers.

When the work is put in up front and centers are well thought out and planned for, they can run smoothly and offer great academic, social-emotional, and developmental value to an early childhood classroom. These are a few of the resources I have used over the years to assist me in implementing learning centers with young children. General Guidelines for Learning Centers Organize Using Appropriate and Engaging Materials Every learning center should contain materials that are displayed in a neat organized and attractive manner.

Materials should be on display on low, open shelves that are within reach of the child. Materials, activities, and equipment should be stored in their own containers.

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