My aim is to get total recognition of PTSD and especially to provide where I can help and support for everyone who contacts me either through self-help or direct email support. I hope that you will find the new layout and design easier to navigate? As always I am committed to helping and supporting as many of you as I can and if you feel you would like to leave a positive message for others then please fell free to do so in the guestbook. If you are an ex-serviceman or women and are suffering ill health due to any of the following, then I really want to help you. Do you feel any of these apply to you: I was on active service during my career Northern Ireland? Gulf War 1 or 2? I was victimised during my service Bullied, Sexual Harassment I have witnessed or experienced a major traumatic event Are you suffering any of the following which might be related to the above: I suffer flash backs and nightmares?

Dating a Guy with PTSD

Curious as to what I was in for, and wanting some solid guidance, I went looking for advice on how to be a good Army girlfriend. Not sure how wise that was. What follows is some humble advice on how to cope with being the significant other of soldier. Dating a soldier is a commitment, and not one to be taken lightly. Read those web pages and top ten lists. Then do some soul-searching.

Dealing with PTSD and/or having thoughts about suicide? Military/Veteran Crisis Line – TALK () – Press 1 or text or click here for 24/7 confidential .

All my “ah ha” moments have come from reading articles like yours and the few good books that are out there. I wish someone would write an article just for family members and friends that helps them to understand PTSD, and directly addresses their roles and responsibilities. They should have some, should they not? An alcoholic wouldn’t be offered a drink, a diabetic some forbidden food.

I know my analogies are not clear but hope you understand. Often I have some pretty good days only to be sabotaged by those I love most. At least it feels that way. I don’t know who voiced this legitimate call for help, but I hope to provide just what the writer seeks: Somebody who relies on you wants you to appreciate and respect the condition that haunts them. With so much in the popular press, on television and in movies that touches on trauma, it is easy to have partial information about traumatic stress, but to miss the full impact of this profound condition.


Wounded in battle, he was later shortchanged on his pay by the Pentagon. Army medic Shawn Aiken was once again locked in desperate battle with a formidable foe. Not insurgents in Iraq, or Taliban fighters in Afghanistan – enemies he had already encountered with distinguished bravery. This time, he was up against the U.

It is possible to date and find love and connection with post-war PTSD being part of your life. Making the first move may be difficult, scary. You might have been there before, and moved on.

Someone would start with something said at one end and the message was passed on until it reached the end. Invariably, along the road, those precocious little mouths and ears turned a simple, normal, innocent phrase or sentence into some twisted, weird, humorous concoction that often had you giggling for hours! Communication in a PTSD marriage, if not properly tended, can have the exact same problem. Instead of passing from person to person, the message can get held up in the brain and not transmit in the way the sender intended.

Clear, concise messages are needed to get your information across. Clear, concise messages register far better than well thought out ones. The more words you add, the easier it is to be confused on the other end. Too many details are likely to get jumbled in a mind already struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder. Your spouse needs a simple, concise message so he or she can give you a simple, concise answer. And before we leave simple and concise — do yourself a favor, stop looking for pretty flowery sentiments.

On some days, even that is asking too much. Know this — if your veteran is there with you and trying to make your marriage work, he or she loves you more than words will ever be able to express.

Helping Someone with PTSD: Helping a Loved One While Taking Care of Yourself

Aren’t we all grown ups and can speak of such a subject without the blushing, or the inward eye roll? I know there are more of me out there, so let’s speak up shall we? Sex used to be wonderful. My husband used to joke with me all the time that the reason I stayed married to him so long was because of the sex. Not entirely true, but the sex was the best I ever had.

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Veteran Kerry Anderson, 36, killed wife Jessica, 32, at their Graham, Washington, home on Saturday while their three young children were inside. Police say the father-of-three, who had been working for the Department of Veterans Affairs VA then shot himself. The youngster told the dispatcher he found his parents lying on the floor following a ‘problem’ in their home. Veteran Kerry Anderson, 36, killed wife Jessica, 32, pair pictured left and right at their Graham, Washington, home before turning the gun on himself while their three young children were inside.

Their four-year-old son was forced to call after he found his parents lying on the ground Police believe the ex-service member had recently been fired from his job at a Department of Veterans Affairs Hospital and was suffering from PTSD His five-year-old brother and four-month-old sister, were not hurt in the shooting. Mrs Anderson died at the scene while her husband was taken to hospital in a critical condition. He died a short time later. The couple’s three children are now being cared for by their relatives.

One person wrote on Facebook: My heart is hurting because you just never know what a person is going through. My condolences also go to his wife’s family. My God this is just so sad.

Military Service

Dating is really hard. First you have to find someone with whom you share a mutual attraction, then you have to make sure that you want the same thing in terms of commitment. But the hardest part is meeting someone. As a result, many have turned to online dating sites. In fact, a third of recently married couples met online. It’s time for a frank discussion!

0; Shutterstock. Note of tough love from a fellow victim: If you are single, living with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and have not been treated or seen a counselor, then you have no business dating or trying to start a new relationship until you get some guidance from a professional.

Why Veterans Become Criminals How the system fails them—and the new prison dorms that could help them get back on track. When Boyd drove, he watched the road for IEDs. The bombs could be disguised as almost anything; his team found them stashed in potholes, trash bags, and, once, in a dead sheep. In November , Charlie Company was transferred to a base near Haditha. At the same time, miles to the southeast, coalition forces were attacking Fallujah, an insurgent stronghold.

As the insurgents fled the city, they flocked north. In late January, Charlie Company received word that insurgent leaders were hiding in a house in a nearby town. A raid team, composed of 11 vehicles carrying 77 Marines, set off just after 3 a. Boyd steered a Humvee carrying nine members of his unit. When the soldiers arrived at the house, they found its front door open and no one home. Except for a few pieces of furniture, the building was empty.

As the convoy began rolling back to base, Marines dropped flyers reminding Iraqis to vote in the upcoming elections.

10 Tips For Understanding Someone With PTSD

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder occurs after experiencing extreme trauma or a life-threatening event. While the consequences of PTSD can be severe, full recovery is possible if you can identify the symptoms in time. Use the link below to have our free guide delivered right to your inbox, and start understanding the signs of PTSD today.

Yet dating someone with PTSD can sometimes feel just as challenging. Past studies have shown that female partners of people with PTSD, in particular, report high levels of anxiety and stress by proxy.

Comment required February 14, 5: It was July , his third tour of duty and his first with Oogie, his military working dog. They were leading their platoon on yet another patrol, clearing a no-name village with maybe 15 houses and one mosque, when they began taking fire. Along the road were shallow trenches, no more than 14 inches deep. Daniel with his dog, Oogie It went against all his Army training. The truth is Daniel, like just about every other dog handler in the armed forces, would rather take the hit himself.

Living with C

The numbers are staggering. There are approximately 2. Finding the answer and treating these problems is of vital importance now and for the future. Soldiers returning from recent wars will need treatment for decades to come.

Oct 15,  · Hello, I have just recently started dating someone with PTSD, but I have some questions for anyone who has dated, is dating, or married to someone suffering from PTSD. The guy that i am dating wants me to do research and sit in on groups with .

For many years I was in an extremely destructive relationship with someone who has NPD Narcissistic Personality Disorder and during that time I was regularly subjected to a variety of emotional, mental and physical abuse. Every day I walked on eggshells, living in fear of saying or doing something that might trigger an aggressive response. Many people might wonder why I, or anyone else, would remain in this kind of environment, but by the time I fully recognized that I was in extreme danger, I was already badly emotionally and mentally weakened and debilitated.

I was living in terror waiting to be attacked at any moment and yet I did not feel as though I had the strength or courage to remove myself from it. It took me a long time, and everything I had, to pull myself from the bottom of the deep dark hell I existed in and to get myself to a place of safety. By the time I walked away, I thought that the nightmare was over. But in so many other ways, it had only just began. They remained alive and relived themselves in the form of intrusive, regular flashbacks.

On many occasions when I did eventually sleep I would sleep solid for at least 24 hours, in such deep slumber that I would struggle to wake from it and when I did I would feel fatigued, spaced out and as though I was numbly sleep-walking through the day. I was easily startled and panicked at the slightest sudden movement or loud noise. At the mention of certain words, names or places I felt nauseous and dizzy and would become extremely distressed.

A painful tight knot developed in my stomach every time something occurred to remind me of the trauma. I would get upset easily, especially if I was in a tense environment. I had constant anxiety and was regularly in fight-or-flight mode.

PTSD Resolution Charity for UK Forces Veterans Mental Health

This is a powerful perspective. The toll it took on his soul was heartbreaking. His flashbacks and dreams of the past drove him to be hypervigilant, fear strangers, and fend off sleep to avoid nightmares. Being the partner of someone who has PTSD can be challenging—and frustrating—for many reasons.

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This can actually become a hardening of the heart whereas the soldier eventually becomes seemingly incapable of giving and receiving love and retreats into a lonely and impenetrable shell. I have proved this in my work as a heart centered counselor for 38 years and working with combat veterans with PTSD for the past four years. I believed in what I was doing at that time and I served in the lull between the Korean conflict and Vietnam War — I flew an all-weather supersonic single place interceptor F3H Demon and most of my carrier landings were at night or in severe weather conditions.

The carrier was my eternal mother who embraced me every night by not only catching me in her three deck wires often at a low fuel state but later lulling me to sleep with her gentle rolling and the musical hum of her giant turbines. Everyone on the carrier was part of a coordinated team and the common effort was to safely launch and land its large complement of fighter and attack planes.

I felt blessed and totally supported in my mission from deck hands to landing signal officers. I was sitting on the number one catapult waiting for the carrier to turn into the wind, my aircraft canopy was open and I began to cry tears of joy.

Dating a Marine with PTSD : USMC

Last year, 2, soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines were treated for mental health issues, taking the total diagnosed since to 11, — a significant proportion of the , serving personnel. Of those diagnosed last year, were treated for psychoactive substance abuse including alcohol abuse; there were 1, cases of neurotic disorders, including reports of PTSD; cases of mood disorders, including depression and cases of other mental and behavioural disorders.

The MoD has said it has worked hard to improve care for personnel with mental illness and introduced programmes to try to minimise post-traumatic stress. It is now accepted that all those who experience combat will suffer from some form of stress and every unit has trained personnel who try to identify and help those showing signs of trauma. But charities said the new figures did not take account of the substantial number who suffered mental illness after leaving the Services.

Combat Stress, the leading mental health charity for former Forces personnel, believes there are at least 10, veterans living with mental conditions who need urgent help.

Military men may never have closer relationships than those they made in the military. That is not a good thing or a bad thing, that is just a matter of fact and something you need to understand.

July 8, It was clear from our very first date that my boyfriend Omri probably has post-traumatic stress disorder. We were at a jazz club in Jerusalem. I’m not sure what the sound was — a car backfiring, a cat knocking over trash can, a wedding party firing celebratory shots into the air. But whatever it was, the sound caused Omri to jump in his seat and tremble. He gazed up at me, his eyes wet, his pupils swollen like black olives.

The noise clearly carried a different meaning for him, one I didn’t understand. He slowly took another puff of his cigarette, careful to steady his shaking hands. The first time he shot a man dead, Omri told me, he cried. America’s military systems actively discourages people from getting diagnosed and seeking treatment for PTSD because of the costs. They are unable to communicate, even with just little things.