But very little has been said of what Forgotten NY considers to be the rape of Flushing…the wholesale destruction of its original housing stock in just the last fifty years. As late as the s, Flushing still bore traces of its small town origins, as one family homes contrasted with Victorian mansions on streets once named Lincoln and Amity. This Forgotten page will try to preserve in pixels what the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission is sometimes powerless to preserve in bricks and mortar. But horsepower was still pretty much the way to get around. Incredibly it is still on Northern Blvd. The flagpole has since been restored. Still on Northern Blvd.

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Korean and English are both spoken prevalently. Retail signs employing the Hangul alphabet are ubiquitous. A significant array of social services toward assisting recent and established Korean immigrants is readily available in Koreatown. Other ethnic communities See also: Indians in the New York City metropolitan region The neighborhood of East Flushing, technically within Greater Flushing, also houses a substantial Chinese community along with most of Downtown Flushing.

This neighborhood tends to be more diverse visibly than Downtown Flushing because of the more even distribution of the ethnicities of East Flushing residents resulting in more businesses catering to each community rather than the dominance of Chinese and to a lesser extent Korean businesses in Downtown Flushing.

One Flushing is a dynamic multi-generational, mixed-income project coming to 41st Avenue. rental apartments are available through a Housing Lottery administered by the City of New York.

Thursday, December 15, The issue there — which came up in a recent New York Post story about an alleged brothel in Brooklyn — is still a problem despite the efforts made by nonprofit groups, the NYPD and others trying to stop it. Tony Avella D-Bayside said that the issue can be solved by increased enforcement. Three of them received vacate orders. On websites such as Postfastr, advertisements for sexually tinged massage in Flushing are not hard to find. Assemblyman Ron Kim D-Flushing says that a nuanced approach needs to be taken when it comes to attacking the issue.

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The Christian churches and ministries account for almost two-thirds of the religious sites in the community. This is a recovery after a long tapering off in Flushing of religious growth in the Twentieth Century. In the s, Christians in Flushing despaired over the economic decline of their community. To some middle-class Protestants, it seemed like their spiritual sites and homes were being surrounded by a swamp of unfamiliar peoples with unfamiliar faiths.

Among city residents as a whole, there was also a growing despair over the future of New York City.

Flushing has a variety of many neighborhoods in addition to that downtown, including residential neighborhoods like North Flushing (or Broadway), Auburndale,Murray Hill and, closer to the downtown area is Waldheim.

Scout January 28, Comments Last week, I was scouting on Jamaica Ave when I noticed a movie-theater-turned-church up the block. This is pretty common in New York, where are a LOT of once great theaters have been gutted and repurposed, most often into churches, pharmacies and gyms. But something immediately stuck out about the Tabernacle of Prayer church. What a gloriously stunning facade: The entire front is dripping with swirls of ornamentation, a whimsical blend of Spanish and Mexican baroque design — with an aquatic emphasis?

Note the mermaid in the center… And the numerous half-shells dotting the front. I also love that headressed figure on the right: But was the interior as well preserved? Or was this another case of a beautiful facade masking a lifeless interior? I tried to go inside, but the church was closed until Sunday. I was definitely coming back. But how had I missed the Valencia? Then I found this picture of the interior in its hey day, and it floored me. Could this possibly have survived into the 21st century?

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Queens is the easternmost and largest in area of the five boroughs of New York City, geographically adjacent to the borough of Brooklyn at the western end of Long Island. Queens is the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world, as residents often closely identify with their neighborhood rather than with the borough or city.

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In the colonial era, marshy land and creeks cut Flushing off from traffic from the west, and as there were few good roads into Flushing, carts and coaches had to first go to Jamaica and travel north from there. By about , tolls were being charged and the road was known as the Brooklyn and Newtown Turnpike. A long wooden pole, or pike, was placed across the road; this pike was turned, or moved out of the way, when the toll was collected.

Beyond Bushwick Avenue the road ran in a sinuous, circuitous fashion to avoid hills.

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Dutch colony[ edit ] Old Flushing Burial Ground, used in 17th and 18th centuries, now a park. The settlement was named after the city of Vlissingen , in the southwestern Netherlands , the main port of the company. However, by , the residents called the place “Vlishing. Despite being a Dutch colony, many of the early inhabitants were British. The original name is supposedly derived from the Dutch word “fles” which means “bottle.

On December 27, , the inhabitants of Flushing approved a protest known as The Flushing Remonstrance. This petition contained religious arguments even mentioning freedom for “Jews, Turks, and Egyptians,” but ended with a forceful declaration that any infringement of the town charter would not be tolerated. Subsequently, a farmer named John Bowne held Quaker meetings in his home and was arrested for this and deported to Holland. The Remonstrance was signed at a house on the site of the former State Armory, now a police facility, on the south side Northern Boulevard between Linden Place and Union Street.

English colonial history[ edit ] In , the English took control of New Amsterdam , ending Dutch control of the colony, and renamed it the Province of New York. When Queens County was established in , the “Town of Flushing” was one of the original five towns which the county comprised. The town was dissolved in when Queens became a borough of New York City, and the term “Flushing” today usually refers to a much smaller area, for example the former Village of Flushing.

Much of the northern section of Kissena Park , former site of the Parsons nursery, still contains a wide variety of exotic trees. Flushing also supplied trees to the Greensward project, now known as Central Park in Manhattan.